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Atlantiss project Questions about Atlantiss as a project.

Decide yourself! See our Youtube and our website!

Playing on any Atlantiss realm is completely free!

Yes, our goal is to follow the Blizzlike rule. We do our best to make sure all of the content is designed in the same way as on the retail servers. That means that our rates are mostly 1x with the exception of optional 2x experience rate.

Head over to our connection guide and everything will be explained to you!

Use a unique password and don't share it with anyone!

We also highly recommend taking advantage of our Two-Factor Authentication, that is the best way to secure your account.
On Atlantiss you can also use our IP Lock feature, however, we recommend using it only if you use the same IP all the time!

Yes, we have a plan ready as to what and when we want to release.

We'll be adding new features every couple of days. The point of that is to make sure everything works flawlessly without any major issues. A new website is a very important implementation of new systems and we can't take any risks.

Send them a ticket in-game! /ticketguide or try to contact them on our Discord!

The best way to reach the administration is to contact them on Discord or send an email to [email protected]

We have made many precautions for such situations with systems created by us and provided by our service providers. Your gameplay is safe with us.

We're giving players all of the tools to secure their accounts in the best way possible with Two-Factor Authentication and IP Lock. We advise everyone to use a unique password and do not share it with anyone. Account security is players responsibility. 

Netherwing Questions about our The Burning Crusade realm.

Netherwing is a World of Warcraft realm based on The Burning Crusade expansion. It is also a part of a bigger PTE development process.

Progress Through Expansions a.k.a. PTE is a bigger development process that spans several World of Warcraft expansions. The idea behind it is to create several realms where each one will feature a different World of Warcraft expansion. This way players will be able to experience the true Blizzlike progression that will start with The Burning Crusade(Netherwing), through Wrath of the Lich King and finally end with Cataclysm. Players can choose to remain on a specific expansion but if they chose to progress to a new realm with the next expansion their characters will be COPIED to that realm.

The realm has been developed for roughly 3 years prior to launch, the development process being started in early 2016.

Netherwing will be a PvP type realm, meaning world PvP will be enabled.

Netherwing is currently a 2x experience rates realm with an option to switch back to classic 1x experience rate (".char bonusExp" ingame). The Vanilla content will be based on patch 2.4.3 which greatly reduced the amount of experience needed to level up and introduced mounts at level 30. The server will also have a couple of QoL features, namely Party Shared Quest Loot and Increased Rested XP generation and cap.

Party Shared Quest Loot is a feature we decided to implement as an incentive for those who are not really fond of pure x1/x2 servers. What it means is that you will be able to group with other people and everyone in your group will be able to loot quest item drops, effectively reducing the time it will require you to complete such quests. This feature will work only for levels 1-57.

Outland will not be closed!

Netherwing will be a blizzlike progressive server starting with 2.0.3 patch. The content will be in its pre-nerf state and the server will also feature 2.0 itemization. All content attunements will also be fully enabled.

It is a form of a blizzlike pre-nerf state that will be present on Netherwing. Many items from Heroic dungeons and T4 and T5 content were somewhat weaker in patch 2.0 . We will be bringing back these weaker stats on items in order to try to increase the overall difficulty of our content. The items will be reverted to their stronger states as according to blizzlike progression, meaning in patch 2.1.

All player and spell mechanics will be according to patch 2.4.3.

No. Players will be able to create characters from just one faction of their choosing.

The faction balance will be handled by introducing a faction queue. There will be no custom bonuses for Alliance players.

It is a system that will enforce a strict Horde/Alliance ratio in order to keep the faction balance as healthy as possible without punishing Horde players too much. The ratio will be 55/45 in favor of Horde. This will most likely result in higher queue times for Horde players.

Yes. We have designed our own dynamic respawn system that is not based on the amount of players in a certain area but is directly tied to the amount of spawned NPCs or gameobjects of the same type. Once they fall below a certain threshold the system will force new spawns so that way there are always some spawned!

Netherwing will have a shop as a means of keeping the server running. The shop will not be P2W and will only contain cosmetic vanity items such as TCG items, some beta items and overall just stuff that cannot be obtain ingame via normal means.

There will be no Recruit-a-Friend feature on Netherwing.

Multiboxing will be strictly forbidden. You are not allowed to be logged in on more than 1 account at a single point in time!

You will need to use a 2.4.3(8606) <en_US> or <en_GB> client. Other localizations are not allowed. Strictly English based clients!

Client modifications, fov hackfixes and others will not be allowed with the exception of WoD/Legion models and ENB shaders.

The realm is hosted in EU.

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