For the Alliance!
1 year ago

Recently, we have asked our Community about their view on a few things concerning Karazhan realm. Over 2000 answers and we would like to thank everyone who filled out the survey. Your feedback is extremely important as we’re making this realm for You and we want to tailor the experience to Your expectations.


The first question we have asked in the survey was concerning Dual Spec. While we initially said that we don’t want to implement that feature, we wanted to make sure we’re not making a decision the Community does not agree with. As expected, the question was quite controversial and resulted in very split results. Ultimately the feature is not present in this expansion and the number of responders who were against it was too big for us to implement it. We want to provide an experience close to the original Burning Crusade and we want to limit the number of custom features we add only to the ones we are certain the Community will appreciate. That doesn’t mean we’re permanently against the concept of Dual Spec. We will keep an eye out on the players’ expectations and if the situation changes, we will adapt accordingly. For now, we will go with our tried and tested reduced respec cost. The cost of resetting talents will be capped at a maximum of 20 gold.

Alliance Faction Bonuses

The second survey question asked about potential bonuses given to the Alliance. The issue of faction balance is of utmost importance to us and we want to make sure that both sides can enjoy what our server has to offer. Apart from the survey, there were also long, heated discussions on the discord server and it became clear that the opinions regarding the bonuses greatly differ between players. Some argued for more, some were convinced there is no need for them at all. After careful deliberation as well as analysis of the survey results, we have decided to do the following:

  • Faction Queue – just like on Netherwing, Karazhan will have a Faction Queue, meaning the ratio of players between the factions cannot exceed a given value (e.g. 55% to 45%). When the factions are imbalanced, players on the dominant faction will have to wait in queue until the ratio goes back to the balanced state.
  • Free Transfers – for players annoyed by having to wait in queue or those who wish to try something different, there will be an option to switch to the less populated faction at any time, for free! 
  • Seal of Blood – this was the most popular answer in the survey. Many players considered this ability to be one of the reasons to play Alliance. While we understand the lore reasons for this ability being given only to the Horde, we believe that adjusting it is within reason and will not have too big of a negative impact. To keep things fair, Blood Elf paladins will be able to learn Seal of Vengeance.
  • Free Talent Respec – while similar to Dual Spec, many players were more open to the idea of simply being able to visit the class trainer and reset their talents for free. We hope that this will encourage players to play Alliance, try different specializations, experiment with various abilities and participate in PvP.

We fully expect these changes to be satisfying for some and controversial for others, however we believe that ultimately, they will help encourage players to pick Alliance and help keep the factions balanced. We are certainly open to other changes listed in the survey, but we also want to make sure we do not simply push the imbalance to the other direction and that we keep extra options if they’re needed.

Player vs. Player

Many players also ask us about PvP changes to make people more interested in participating. We want to assure everyone that we have various ideas in mind and we will announce them once we establish most of the details. We will be taking a more hands-on approach with PvP on Karazhan to make sure that there are always people interested in taking part in Battlegrounds or Arenas and that there’s always a reason to play for.

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