Karazhan's PvP Adjustments
1 year ago

Before the release of our The Burning Crusade realm, Karazhan, we were discussing many aspects of the gameplay and the contents of Alliance bonuses. You can read more here: (NEWS) Karazhan - For the Alliance!

Now, there's the last thing to tell you about. It's about PvP changes on Karazhan. We are aware that Atlantiss isn't really considered a straight PvP server among the community, because in the past our eyes were focused on PvE, but as many great PvPers have joined us, we want to change that image. From his day on, we will have a PvP Manager. We believe @tsu#3252 is fit for this position as he has knowledge, he talks to the PvP community and he will be always available for the PvPers, for their suggestions and feedback. He will take care of the PvP community as good as he can. Congratulations!

Arena Seasons

The first Arena Season will begin when at least 50 Arena Teams will be made and will start from the next Arena Flush (they will happen every Wednesday, 4:00 AM GMT+0). We don't plan to give an additional Arena Flush per week, but we will make some changes regarding the Arena Brackets:

  1. 5v5 will be open to register teams, to play and earn personal and team rating, but will not count towards Arena Season rewards (titles and mounts).
  2. Weekly 3v3 Arena Flush will give points for 5v5 Weekly Arena Flush (example: 344 Arena Points @ 1500).
  3. Weekly 2v2 Arena Flush will give points for old 3v3 Weekly Arena Flush (example: 302 Arena Points @ 1500).

During the season, Team and Personal rating above 2000 will decay by 50 every week if the team or a player have not met the criteria of weekly games played to receive Arena Points. 

NOTE: In terms of personal rating only the players that did not meet the criteria will be affected. If the entire team has not played the required number of games, all players above 2000 rating will have their personal rating reduced.

We would like every Arena Season to be at least 17-weeks long and to finish with Arena Tournament which would be the deciding factor for the highest prizes. More information about the Arena Tournament will be released some time during seasons.

After each Arena Season ends, a so-called "off-season" will be live, it will last for a week after each Season. During the off-season, you will be able to get Personal and Team rating, and also Arena Points which can be used to buy PvP gear from given season. After the new season begins, Arena Points will be removed from all characters and the amount of Honor Points will be somewhat decreased.

NOTE: We reserve all rights to dynamically change the percentage amount of Honor Points that will be removed from the players.


The first important change that we want to apply is the static Diminishing Returns that will be set at 18 seconds. We asked about this in the PvP poll. Despite being the only server with fully functioning original Diminishing Returns system (15-20s; 15s base with 5s as interval), we believe that normalizing the length of DR will decrease the randomness during arena matches and will cause the gameplay to be smoother and requiring higher skill instead of luck.

Another feature we're bringing to Karazhan is [Call to Arms] quest which will reward with Honor Points. Originally it's been added in patch 2.3, but we will enable it from the start.

We are also implementing two new PvP daily quests to Alliance Brigadier General and Horde Warbringer, which you can grab alongside with [Call to Arms]. Here you can see the details[Call to Arms](Win battleground match) rewards 419 Honor Points, [The Arena Calls](Win 3 rated arena matches) rewards 30 Arena Points and 150 Honor Points, [A Call to Battle](Play 5 battleground matches) rewards 10 Arena Points and 460 Honor Points. All quests are daily and available from Alliance Brigadier General and Horde Warbringer in the cities.If a player completes all these dailies every day for a week, he's able to get 25% of the Honor Points required to buy an item from item set or honor points weapon.

The last gameplay change will affect the PvP titles for Honorable Kills. From now on, the PvP Titles will be granted based on the number of battlegrounds won.

NOTE: We reserve the right to change the number of required battleground wins to award particular titles.


We plan to make all items, which were added even later, during 2.1 patch, that belong to Arena Season 1, available from the beginning. That means you'll be able to buy, for example, Gladiator's Salvation/Gladiator's Kodohide/Wyrmhide/Dragonhide, etc. These items will have their stats adjusted for 2.0 patch, that means all items with Bonus Healing won't give additional Bonus Spell Damage. The arena vendor will also display only items that your class can use.

Talking about items for Arena Points, there will also be a rating requirement to purchase Arena Season 1 weapons (1H/2H/OH/Ranged [Gun, Bow, Crossbow]) of 1850 Personal and Team rating.

NOTE: With a release of Arena Season 2 and Season 2 Arena Gear, some of the requirements might decrease or no longer be required on Arena Season 1 Weapons and cost of Arena Season 1 gear will lower.

A few weeks ago, we have released a poll, with one question asking about S0 Reputation PvP Gear a little earlier than original. After over 1500 answers, we have decided to indeed release S0 Reputation Gear a little earlier.  It will be released during Arena Season 2 with reputation requirement set at Revered. We believe that this change will enable the players to catch up and join the PvP battles quicker.


We are going to additionally introduce these features:

  1. Arena Queue Announcer available to anyone who is a member of Arena Team that can be enabled and disabled with a command. (Default: Enabled).
  2. Battleground Announcer showing a message in the chat whenever Battleground starts. You will be able to disable and enable it with a command ingame. (Default: Enabled).
  3. Shattrath Arena Battlemaster will be moved to a more neutral place in the Shattrath City. In the tent near Horde and Alliance Battlemasters in the Lower City, accompanied by the two bodyguards.

Thank you for your opinions and feedback regarding these changes, about which I've talked with you on Discord. I hope we can build a really strong and healthy PvP community - together! If you have any doubts or any questions, please message me on Discord - 75u#3252. I am at your disposal. See you on the arena! ^^


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