Experience, experience and more experience
1 year ago

We know it's hot outside, lots of you are either leveling up in real life, on vacation or simply waiting for boosts. We aim to meet your expectations and we have to adjust to many factors, such as time of the year (summer holidays), which always hurts the population. In the end, we all want the same thing - the best future for our home. For Karazhan. 

Experience Event

As announced on Discord, before Experience Boost becomes available, we would like to spoil you a bit with some bonus Experience for 2 days. What does that mean for you? All Experience from level 1 to 70 is going to be increased to 300%. By your terms: level 1-70 will temporarily have x3 rates. It's going to last 48 hours, from 18:00 CEST until 21.08, 18:00 CEST.

Experience Boost

In the same time when Experience Bonus ends (21.08, 18:00 CEST), Experience Boost will be added to the shop. You will be able to purchase the Boost for your character or gift it to your friend.

Group Up!

It's very easy to find a group on a realm as populated as Karazhan. It's even better to take the advantage of Bonus Experience event and quest together, because all quest loot is now shared with all party members. If you have any questions, issues in game, or are looking for people to embark on a journey, join our Discord - we are sure that you will find somebody among 30,000 other players!

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