Arena Season 1 started!
1 year ago
UPDATE: We've added ".join" command allowing you to queue for Battleground from anywhere in the world!
UPDATE: Arena Season 1 officialy started! Visit Arena Battlemasters to queue for the Arenas!
Arena Leaderboard

In the past few days we've seen a big increase in the amount of Arena Teams being created on the Karazhan realm surpassing the 50 Arena Team requirement for the start of Arena Season 1 on Karazhan.  The First Arena Season will begin this Wednesday, August 19th, at 8:00 AM CEST. 5:00 PM CEST! The Arena Season will end with a Seasonal Arena Tournament (2v2 and 3v3), which will determine the highest titles and rewards in each bracket. More information will be published as the season progresses.

Gear up

Worth noticing is that Weekly Arena Flush will happen every Wednesday at 4:00 AM GMT+0. We've also introduced few minor changes to points distribution which results with more Arena Points being awarded for every flush. To speed up the process of gearing for all players we introduced two new daily quests for Arena and Battlegrounds that awards Arena and Honor Points. 

"King" Dond and "Backstab" Bindo Gearbomb appeared in Lower City of the Shattrath City! They allow you to register new Arena Teams and queue for all Arenas. You shouldn't have problem finding them as they are guarded by two big bodyguards! 

You can buy items for Arena Points from Vixton Pinchwhistle in Area 52, Netherstorm. Although he only sells weapons to heroes who prove themselves on Arena and get Personal and Team arena rating of 1850! 

There is more!

We advise you to read the following article on our website where we described all the PvP changes we are introducing on the Karazhan realm. Keep in mind that some things might change, but you will be notified in advance if they do 

If you are looking for a partner to play Arenas with, join our Discord server with over 34,000 other players and leave a message on the #pvp-chat channel there!

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