Further PvP adjustments
1 year ago

Over the first month of Arena Season 1 we have been observing the player activity in Arenas and Battlegrounds carefully. We have noted some really nice frequency of players signing up for Battlegrounds, regardless of having full PvP gear, and that really satisfies us. 2v2 Arenas are also popular among our players.  However, this cannot be said about 3v3.

Due to the lower 3v3 bracket activity, we have decided to introduce some minor changes to encourage you to try 3s arenas. For starting players, from now on, you can gain Arena Points for each match, won or lost [*], with a daily cap of 50 Arena Points per player. On top of that, we have reduced the cost of creating 3v3 team to 80 gold to be on par with 2v2. We think that the following changes should be a good incentive to try 3v3 arenas!

[*] - For each match that you win, you gain 5 Arena Points. For each match that you lose, you gain 2 Arena Points. You can get a maximum of 50 Arena Points a day from 3v3 games.

Additionaly, we've increased Arena Points reward from daily quest requiring you to complete 5 Battleground matches. We want to steadily increase Arena Points rewards for daily quests or increase daily cap for 3v3 games. It should help you gear up your characters with arena equipment faster.

Fighting idle players

Sadly, with an increasing number of players queueing for Battlegrounds, we also noticed an influx of players that don't necessarily participate in the match. We have introduced a small system to prevent that behavior. We strongly advise you to report inactive players yourselves too. You can do that with a built-in function you can access from the game by right clicking your teammate's portrait and selecting the "Report player AFK" option. After receiving required amount of reports for a single player our system will take action against the reported character.

There is more!

We advise you to read the following article on our website where we described all the PvP changes we are introducing on the Karazhan realm. Keep in mind that some things might change, but you will be notified in advance if they do 

If you are looking for a partner to play Arenas with, join our Discord server with over 34,000 other players and leave a message on the #pvp-chat channel there!

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