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Arena Season 1 and first Seasonal Arena Tournament!
5 months ago
UPDATE:  Despite the rumors, your characters won't be copied from the live realm, which means you will be able to purchase prepared gear from vendors on the tournament realm.

Arena Leaderboard

With the upcoming end of Arena Season 1 on Karazhan. We would like to inform you about the details regarding the end of the current Season, Seasonal Arena Tournament and the start of the next Arena Season.

Officially, Arena Season 1 ends on October 26th at 6:00 PM CEST. Prizes will only be distributed after the Seasonal Arena Tournament results have been announced, which determine the highest prizes for the season. In order to be able to receive the rewards (for bracket) for the first season, each player in a given arena team has to play at least 50 ranked matches between September 26th and the 26th October 6:00 CEST in arena bracket they want to get the reward from.

Seasonal Arena Tournament

First Seasonal Arena Tournament will start a few hours after the end of Arena Season 1 with a snapshot of leaderboard and selecting people who met the requirements to qualify for the tournament (see the list below). Despite the rumors, your characters won't be copied from the live realm which means you will be able to purchase prepared gear from vendors on the tournament realm. The exact date of the tournament will be determined together with the people who are going to enter the tournament.

List of the Seasonal Arena Tournament requirements:

  1. Banned players can't enter tournament
  2. Players who were previously (on Netherwing) punished for fixing games, wintrading or any other arena-related offenses will not get invited.
  3. NEW! Each of the team members have to play at least 100 rated arena matches in 2v2 or 3v3 arena bracket between September 26th and the 26th October 6:00 PM CEST.
  4. The difference between team and each individual players personal rating cannot be bigger than 150.
  5. 1 player (2v2 bracket), or 2 players (3v3 bracket) must have played at least 30% of total team games throughout the season.
  6. All team members must be present in the arena team at the end of Season 1 when the snapshot is taken. (26th October 6:00 PM CEST)
  7. Players with multiple accounts are restricted to 1 team per arena bracket.

NOTE: If you qualified but you have no one to play with, you are eligible to invite a new player to your team (before the season ends) in order to play with him in the tournament. That means you are eligible to invite 1 new member to either 2v2 or 3v3 team. Such player would however receive no rewards (unless the player managed to make 30% total games played before the season ends with less than 150 personal rating difference).

We reserve the right to change qualifying requirements. More detailed information about the Seasonal Arena Tournament will be published in September October.

Off-Season and Arena Season 2

With an end of the Arena Season 1, we are going to run so-called "off-season". You will keep your Team and Personal Arena Rating with Arena Points for the duration of the off-season, allowing you to score one more bonus Weekly Arena Flush in between the seasons. Additionally, Season 1 arena weapons will no longer require Team or Personal rating to purchase.

Arena Season 2 will start after "Off-Season" ends.

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