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Looking for more... Developers!
4 months ago

Alongside the growth of Atlantiss brand, we would like to expand our team to provide better quality experience on our realms and various features on our website to make your journey in Azeroth as smooth as possible.

Therefore we are looking for experienced, but also talented Front-End and Back-End Developers to work over our current website and future projects under Atlantiss brand. You should already have a knowledge of World of Warcraft game, and if not, you should efficiently adapt to the environment in which you will work. We value your skills the most but also approach to performed work :)



  • Knowledge of WoW and WoWAPI (optional)
  • Communicative English. Knowledge of other languages at the communicative level will be additional advantage.

Front-End Developer:

  • A minimum of 3 years' experience in front-end development.
  • Knowledge of one of these frameworks: React.js / Vue.js / Angular.
  • Extensive knowledge of Node.js, Sass, JavaScript.
  • Knowledge and ability of creating products based on responsive design and frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap).

Back-End Developer:

  • A minimum of 3 years' experience in back-end development.
  • Experience in shipping product to the public.
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET Core
  • Knowledge of Swagger
  • Knowledge of Docker

Everyone interested in creating worlds together at Atlantiss, we encourage to send your applications alongside with portfolio showing previous work on the following email adress: [email protected]

We will contact only the chosen candidates from the recruitment process.

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