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Attunements and content adjustments
3 months ago

We've been listening to your feedback and decided to fast forward some of the 2.1 changes to make the experience better.

The following adjustments will be applied on the 11th of November:

Attunement removal — Serpentshrine Cavern & Tempest Keep: The Eye

While the attunements are great in making sure the players experience all of the PvE content in a linear progression, the server has reached a point where most players have already completed them and they're only making it increasingly difficult to recruit new players for the T5 content. This change should help expand the pool of players to choose from for those raids.

2.1 Itemization

All items will have their stats adjusted to their 2.1 version. This will serve as a form of natural nerf to all dungeons and raids and should help players tackle content that may have been too challenging previously as well as offer a nice power boost for those interested in PvP combat.

Trash changes and other adjustments

Another one of the fast tracked 2.1 changes will be an adjustment to trash respawn mechanic as mobs will no longer be able to respawn while a boss encounter is in progress. We will also be making further smaller or bigger tuning tweaks to both raid trash and bosses depending on how the itemization changes affect the difficulty.

We hope that these changes will positively impact the raiding scene and help guilds defeat more challenging bosses.

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