Raiding Around the Christmas Tree
10 months ago

The first major TBC patch is now fully live! From fighting Illidan's lieutenants and defending the World Tree to supporting the Skettis Offensive or acquiring your very own Nether Drake, there's plenty of things to do! It's the most exciting time in TBC and we hope that players are having lots of fun in-game.

Feast of Winter's Veil

The in-game Winter's Veil holiday event will officially begin on December 16th! Throw snowballs, dring Egg Nog and spend a lovely time unwrapping presents with your friends throughout the month in all cozy locations on Azeroth and Outland!

Winter Experience Event

December is a lovely time of the year and to help players celebrate all the festive activities with us, there will be a yet another increased experience event, spanning from the 16th of December to the 2nd of January. That's right – a bit over two weeks of leveling on x3 (or x6 with experience boost) leveling rates! If you're a new player, this is the best time to get your characters up to speed and join in on all the fun.

Atlantiss Store

We teased store changes in the previous news and we're excited to finally share more details about it:

  1. We decided to bundle several of the store items together and offer them at a discounted price. If you wanted to buy a cute mini-pet but couldn't decide which one to pick – now you can get all of them cheaper!
  2. We are lifting the 36-slot bag restrictions as many players asked for a bump to their bag space. 
  3. As stated above, experience boost will stack with the winter experience event! 

These changes will go live along with the Winter's Veil event, on the 16th of December.

Multiboxing Update

With recent changes to multiboxing policy on official servers, we've decided to adjust ours as well. Game Masters have been punishing and reprimanding multiboxing players constantly since launch, and this not only caused a significant chunk of their time to have to be dedicated to verifying player reports regarding such behaviour but also resulted in many bans which could be seen as harsh. We felt the policy was a bit too restrictive so we will be doing the following adjustments:

  1. It will now be possible to be logged on up to 2 characters per PC (but no more than that);
  2. Using any 3rd party software to move/control those characters will still be forbidden;
  3. Joining battlegrounds or arenas with both characters will be forbidden.

Bear in mind, that once these changes are active, we will be less forgiving towards players who break those rules. They're a lot more lenient than before and any players going out of their way to circumvent those restrictions are unlikely to be warned and will usually get banned immediately.

Safe Exchange

Ever since our store came out on Netherwing back in early 2019, players have been trading Atlantiss Points for gold in game. It's become quite a popular option and we allowed it to happen as it stifles unpleasant goldsellers and ultimately helps support the server. Recently, however, many players have notified us that they've been scammed during these trades and that's not something we can allow to continue. To eliminate this issue, we're introducing a safe exchange option on our website, which simply allows players to execute those same transactions they did in-game without the fear of being scammed, while also letting us vet potential sellers and prevent any forms of abuse they could try.

Character Trade

For players who would love to switch things up and try something new, we are also working on implementing something we wanted to do a long time ago back on our Cataclysm realm – Character Trade system:

  1. Players will be able to list their characters on the market and specify what race/class they're looking to trade it for;
  2. Other players will then be able to browse all listed characters and send a trade request and if both sides accept it, those characters will be switched between the accounts; 
  3. There will be restrictions on which characters you can trade and how often to make sure this service is not abused (e.g. only level 70, within the same faction, requiring a certain played time, 7d cooldown, etc.). 

We know that some players tend to trade characters or even accounts manually in a forbidden way. We hope to provide a system which gives people an option to do it safely, in accordance with the rules and without the fear of being scammed, which tends to happen quite frequently during these illegal exchanges.

Frozen Throne

The Lich King sits atop Icecrown on the Frozen Throne, dreaming. We are going to share some exciting news regarding our new project, on the 16th December. Stay tuned!