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Winter's Veil PvP Adjustments
2 months ago

With the upcoming Winter's Veil event (...and more free time on our hands), we've decided to make some adjustments to make PvP more enjoyable during this magical time of the year. These changes should help you gear your character to step into the Arena! All of the following changes will go live on the 16th of December 2020.

Honor the Spirit!

Honor Points gained from all sources are going to be increased by 100% (2x)! The bonus will last until 6th of January for Horde and 20th of January for Alliance players.

Make sure to check in with Vixton Pinchwhistle in the Area 52, as he now sells Arena Season 1 items that were previously bought for Arena Points (weapons, off-hands) for Honor Points!

Daily Chores

On top of the boost we'll also increase the rewards for daily quests. Keep in mind that the amount of Honor Points received from completing the quests will also doubled!

  1. "Arena Calls!" quest rewards increased to: 50 Arena Points and 314 Honor Points.
  2. "A Call to Battle" quest rewards increased to: 30 Arena Points and 628 Honor Points.

Additionaly, we are going to increase 3v3 Arena Daily Cap to 65 Arena Points per day and introduce Arena Daily Cap for 2v2 Bracket with a maximum of 25 Arena Points earned per day.

Merciless... soon... to be Vengeful...