Frozen Throne Calls
2 years ago

Frozen Throne is a Wrath of the Lich King project developed under Atlantiss brand. It has been teased for many months, but we have never shared any details with the players, until now.

"It's begun..."

"Young heroes, I was once like you."

Publically available emulators provide a passable gameplay experience for the end user, but they're constantly building elements on top of faulty base structures. Our goal is to completely rework the fundamentals, as that is the only way to achieve proper quality and immersive gameplay in the long run.

Rise of the Lich King

Quality takes time and commitment. We are reworking the core from the scratch, starting from packet handling, going through in-game systems, up to the handling of game content such as quests, instanced content, loot tables, AI and more. We have done a lot of work regarding packet handling to make it easier to implement cross-realm in the future, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t done anything besides that. Some systems, such as LFG, have been already rewritten and optimized. We have a really long list of tasks to do, but the workflow is far smoother than we expected. 

The Legacy Lives On

The in-game content is in a very early stage of development, but that doesn’t bother us thanks to all the code already developed on Netherwing and Karazhan, most of the non-Northrend content is already here. It needs to be ported to Wrath of the Lich King with all the adjustments and changes that 3.0 brought in. We have chosen to do this by hand, what allows us to peek into every bit of code and correct missed bugs, simultaneously optimizing it even further. This is why Frozen Throne is going to have the best Classic and The Burning Crusade content available during the internal beta-testing.!

Frozen Wastes

Just as 1-70 is prepared, our Wrath of the Lich King in-game content doesn’t exist yet. We have a lot of research  gathered in the form of videos, screenshots and sniffs. 

Developing code for WotLK from ground up, using sniffs instead of patching the already existing poor-quality code found in most emulators, is far better for both the developers and players. Using tools we made that allow us to read and load information from the sniffs directly into the game, replaying the original behavior makes it easier and faster to develop content with much greater attention to details.. This guarantees retail-like quality with no compromises. 

With most of the research done and all the information available to us, once we finish porting and testing all 1-70 content from Netherwing / Karazhan, we will begin working on Northrend, which shouldn’t take long - just a lot of code to write and debug.

Rise up, Champions of the Light!

We pay a lot of attention to all the things, not only end-game or previous content. As player classes obviously need a lot of work, attention to certain mechanics and interaction between spells in order to balance things out the way Blizzard did is also extremely important. We are working on ensuring that player and pet movement, responsiveness and player to player synchronization is going to be as smooth as possible. This is going to benefit the PvP community the most, as stability, low latency and high responsiveness is what makes it enjoyable and even.

We believe that all the work we do will finally allow players from outside of Europe to experience competitive PvP for the first time on Wrath of the Lich King in years. Hardcore raiders should also notice a great improvement to the responsiveness and they should no longer be excluded from the raiding Realm First races.

Forgotten Realms

At the beginning, we wanted to launch one realm called Frozen Throne, with everything being exactly as on retail, 12 years ago. As Atlantiss grows and our influence reaches out to even more players, we are thinking about launching three realms with 5000 player limit, all connected with cross-realm. One of them will be x1 (PvP), with the original idea of Wrath of the Lich King behind it. Two of them remain a mystery and more details will be shared closer to the release. We have high expectations regarding our population, but the future cannot be predicted that well, that’s why it could be possible to go with two realms - or four - time will tell.

The Frozen Heart of Icecrown Awaits

We have a lot of work to do before opening Frozen Throne. We believe that the first open beta will be hosted after 1-70 content is already moved. We are going to arm you with great tools to improve the bug-reporting experience, so we can fix every smallest issue that comes up. Once Classic and The Burning Crusade content works flawlessly, we will move to Northrend and make it great again. We are dedicated to recreating the world we fell in love with years ago and it’s our goal to deliver it exactly as you remember it. 

Before Frozen Throne launches in 2021, you can expect a lot of updates, changelogs and videos. We are taking all the time we need to master the game and we are going to open our Wrath of the Lich King project when it’s done, but we don’t expect it to be delayed.

All must serve the one, true King

For a more general overview of the Frozen Throne, please visit and share it with your friends. There is also a Discord dedicated solely to the project: