Merciless Gladiator and Arena Season 3
2 years ago

As stated in previous news, Arena Season 2 ended on January 26th at 6:00PM CEST (5:00 PM CET). With the end of Season 2, off-season started which will last for a maximum of 2 weeks.

During the off-season, Arena Season 2 items, including offsets pieces, are discounted and require less rating to purchase. Head off to Area 52 and the PvP hall in faction's capital city to see new prices!

2nd Seasonal Arena Tournament

In the upcoming days At the beginning of next week, we are going to start sending out sign-up forms to eligible team captains on email adress assigned to their account. Please check your spam folder.

Semi-finals and finals are going to be held on Sunday, 31st January 7th February. You will be able to watch matches for each bracket with a commentary on our website.

Read previous news to learn more.

Arena Season 3

Arena Season 3 will start after "Off-Season" ends and with it the following PvP resources will be reduced:

  • Arena Points — Players will be able to keep up to 1000 Arena Points.
  • Honor Points — Players will be able to keep up to 12500 Honor Points.
  • Marks of Honor — Players will be able to keep up to 15 Marks of Honor from each Battleground.

You will be refunded with an ingame currency for every amount of reduced Arena Points, Honor Points and Marks of Honor with a converstion rate that will not impact the general economy of the realm but much higher than previous season.

Despite the rumors players spreaded around, Merciless Gladiator's items will not be sold for Honor Points at the start of Season 3, although this is still something to discuss and might change later.