Arena Season 3!
2 years ago
Arena Season 3 has started! — Gather your friends and step into the arena!

While the Seasonal Arena Tournament may be over, the excitement doesn't stop here on Karazhan! We would like to announce that Arena Season 3 is starting on 12th February, 2021 at 6 PM (CET)! 

With a start of a new Arena Season, we will convert portion of your PvP resources and distribute rewards for previous Arena Season (make sure to check your mailbox!). The rewards for the Arena Season 2 are as follows:

  • 1st Place (2v2/3v3 Tournament) — Merciless Gladiator title, Merciless Nether Drake (310% mount), Artisan Riding, 500 Atlantiss Points for each player in the team.
  • 2nd-4th Place (2v2 Tournament), 2nd-6th (3v3 Tournament) — Gladiator title, Merciless Nether Drake (310%), Artisan Riding, 200 Atlantiss Points for each player in the team.
  • Top 3% Arena Teams (Ladder) — Duelist title
  • Top 3-10% Arena Teams (Ladder) — Rival title
  • Top 10-20% Arena Teams (Ladder) — Challenger title

Vengeful Gladiator's

From the start of Arena Season 3, all Season 1 gear will be available to purchase in the PvP Halls in both Stormwind City and Orgrimmar. On top of that, new trinkets available for Honor Points will be introduced. Note that all "spell haste" PvP items will not be published now, but with a release of Patch 2.4 and Arena Season 4.

You will buy new Arena Season 3 Gear from Leeni "Smiley" Smalls in Area 52, Netherstorm and various other places around the world. This time weapons and all items set pieces (besides hands) require Personal and Team rating to purchase (1550 for legs, 1600 for chest, 1700 for head, 2200 for shoulders and 2050 for weapons).

Seasonal Arena Tournament

Second Seasonal Arena Tournament beat statistics from our previous Tournament with livestream gathering 1776 unique viewers and 87 623 of total minutes watched! We are really happy to see influx of people interested in PvP on Karazhan!

You can watch past broadcast of the Second Seasonal Arena Tournament here: