Weeks of Honor!
2 years ago
Arena Season 3 has started! — Gather your friends and step into the arena! Read more...

We've been watching our community closely and hearing voices since the start of Arena Season 3 as we are aiming this to be one of the best PvP seasons on Karazhan, thus we decided to make some changes to provide you better gearing experience for the Arena.

The Weeks of Honor.

Starting on Friday, 19th February at 6 PM (CET) Honor Points gained from all sources will be increased by 100%*. The increased honor event will last for 2 weeks (ending on 7th March), allowing you to prepare and get your feet into the arena to fight for the Vengeful Gladiator title. 

With the start of "Weeks of Honor", we are also going to make part of the Arena Season 2 gear available for Honor Points. The cost will change for the following items: off-hand weapons, idols, librams, totems, thrown, head, chest, hands, and legs. Arena Season 2 gear can be purchased from Krixel Pinchwhistle in Area 52.

We encourage you to join the battlefield and bolster the ranks of your faction in the endless fight for Honor! You can join battlegrounds from anywhere in the Azeroth by using the  ".join <ab/wsg/eots/av>"  command (e.g. ".join ab" to queue for Arathi Basin).

*The amount of gained Marks of Honor from Battlegrounds will not increase.