Karazhan Update
2 years ago

Hey, we've got some cool news to share, so strap in!

Experience Rate Increase

Patch 2.3 was just released and due to its catch-up nature with Zul'Aman, we decided that now is the time to reduce the barrier of entry for new players and let them jump into the end-game content faster. That's why starting on Friday, February 26th, the base experience rate will be increased from x2 to x3 (x6 with the experience boost). The cost of class abilities will be automatically adjusted to match the pace of leveling. 

We hope that this change will encourage some players to try Karazhan and let them experience Burning Crusade content as well as allow them to prepare their characters for the transition to Wrath of the Lich King later this year.

We were also discussing internally the possibility of tweaking the 1-300 profession skill-up rates as well as the cost of 60% mounts but decided against those ideas for now. If that's something you would like to see, let us know! We would very much appreciate your feedback.

10 Years of Atlantiss!

It's hard to believe, but Atlantiss has been around for almost a decade now! Our 10th year anniversary is next month and while we're still discussing some of the cool things we want to do, we already have some to announce! The celebrations will include special bonuses every weekend of March:

  • March 6th   —  Adventurer Weekend: Increased Experience gained.
  • March 13th —  Honor Weekend: Increased Honor gained.
  • March 20th —  Emissary Weekend: Increased Reputation gained.
  • March 27th —  Dungeoneer Weekend: Chance to drop an additional Badge of Justice from 5-man dungeon bosses.

We hope you'll enjoy those special events, and there might be more stuff coming later so stay tuned!

The Future of Karazhan

Many of you have been asking about the future of the server. Patch 2.3 just came out and many players are now acquiring new gear by clearing Zul'Aman and progressing through Tier 6. We want to give everyone time to prepare as the next stage is the arrival of Sunwell Plateau with Patch 2.4. We hope that progressing through the stages of the Shattered Sun Offensive will be a lot of fun and will last for a while. 

As we've been saying for a while, the tale doesn't end with the defeat of The Deceiver. Next step of your characters' adventures will be the preparations for their journey into Northrend! The work on the expansion is in full swing and we hope to release Wrath of the Lich King later this year. We would love to see you all on the shores of Howling Fjord or in the frozen heart of Icecrown!