Fury of the Sunwell
1 year ago

We're happy to announce that Karazhan realm will move to Patch 2.4 on the 21st of April! The Isle of Quel'Danas, new Outland dailies and Magister's Terrace dungeon will be available right away, while the Sunwell Plateau raid will be opened a bit later on the 5th of May. 

The Shattered Sun Offensive

Players will be able to help the Shattered Sun Offensive in retaking the Isle by doing daily quests, each one contributing to the cause. With enough dailies completed, the Offensive will progress to the next phases, unlocking additional quests and vendors to interact with. We will be monitoring the progress and adjusting the number of daily quests required if needed to ensure each phase is finished in a timely manner and doesn't drag on for too long.

End the Deceiver

The Sunwell Plateau raid will be released separately a bit later but is still likely to include a gating system, limiting the number of bosses available, although it might be different from the original release. We will announce more details as we get closer to the raid's release. In the meantime, everyone can test the raid on our Public Test Realm and offer feedback in regards to its tuning.

Blood and Glory

The new patch also means a new PvP season is coming! The current Vengeful season will conclude on the 5th of May, right after the weekly flush, while the next, Brutal season will begin on the 8th of May. The arena titles (including Gladiators) will be awarded based on the final standings in the ranking system (team rating). To account for the current season being shorter than usual, there will be additional flushes on Sundays up until its conclusion (18.04, 25.04, 02.05). We're also looking to increase the amount of points for bonus daily quests. More details will be given at a later date.

As always, we hope that new content will bring everyone lots of joy. Remember the Sunwell!